By Jason Brubaker

Phobos is an old comic that Jason created in high school in 1993 and the first issue was published nationwide in 1994 by Samson Comics.

In 2006 he acquired the rights to Phobos again in order to learn to self-publish. That desire to self-publish comics eventually turned into Coffee Table Comics. Unfortunately Phobos was put on hold again. After all, it was an old high-school comic and would need to be completely overhauled if it were ever to be taken seriously.

Now that Jason is able to work on comics full-time his plan is to focus solely on Phobos after he finishes Sithrah at the end of 2017. This will be a completely different way of publishing comics too. The plan is to release Phobos digitally to a mailing list as it is being created. Then once it's finished it will be collected into books. Essentially it will be a Mailing-List-Comic.

If you want to be on the ground floor when new Phobos content is released then sign up for the Phobos Mailing List Comic!