Part 2 of the interview with Josh UlrichStephen McCraine, and Michael Regina where we talk about the platform. We are all featured artists on Webtoons.

The round table guests:

Stephen McCraine

Stephen was the first to win the $30,000 Challenge League prize on Webtoons with his comic Space Boy.  He also created the graphic novel series for Penguin Books titled Mal and Chad and Kickstarted his own graphic novel titled Brick by Brick about the road to mastering your artistic craft.

Josh Ulrich

Josh created Jackie Rose and Newman which are now both featured comics on Webtoons. When we had this conversation Josh was just thinking about submitting Jackie Rose and it didn't take long for Webtoons to add it to their featured comics. Josh also helped me color Sithrah book 1. :)

Michael Regina

Michael created and finished Adamsville and then launched two successfull Kickstarters for books 1 and 2 and eventually got noticed by Webtoons and has become a featured artist as well.

Jason Brubaker (Host)

Jason created Coffee Table Comics as the publishing house for his self-published comics including reMIND Volume 1, reMIND Volume 2 and now Sithrah which is also a featured comic on Webtoons here. Jason also wrote a book about self-publishing comics called Unnatural Talent.


Comics for the Blind -


In this additional Interview I talk with Guy Hasson who created Comics Empower.

What would it be like if blind people could read comics? Well, now they can. Let's talk to the creator of Comics Empower to see how this is even possible.

reMIND for the blind and visually impaired:

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