SITHRAH 1: Kingdom of the Air

ISBN: 978-0-9831149-7-0

96 full color pages - 6.75 x 10.25

Book One: Kingdom of the Air

Nirvana Page wanted to see the world. Traveling by private seaplane with her father on their annual vacation, together they explore exotic places and discover remarkable wildlife, and even if it’s only for a few days, she gets everything a seven-year-old girl could hope for. That is, until a mysterious force crashes their plane, separating Nirvana from her dad, and stranding her in a strange and unfamiliar land. It’s there she encounters SITHRAH—a mysterious being who could hold the key to finding her father—and begins a grand and perilous adventure that will bring her to the end of the world and beyond!

SITHRAH 2 : Propositions

Book Two: Propositions

Nirvana Page wants to be brave. But when a plane crash separates young "VONNA" from her father, she quickly discovers that finding her dad again is going to take every last scrap of courage she has. As she travels through a strange and unfamiliar world, she encounters two people who will forever change her life. The first is SITHRAH -- A mysterious and invisible guardian who's been at her side all along -- and a damaged young man called DINO, who's running from ghosts of his own. Together the trio sets off in search of the crash site, unaware of just how far their journey's about to take them!


SITHRAH 3: The Symbol

Book Three: Propositions

Nirvana Page won't give up hope. When a mysterious accident separates young "VONNA" from her father, she follows his trail to the wreckage of their crashed seaplane, only to find no sign of where he might've gone...or if he's even still alive. Disheartened but undeterred, Vonna and her traveling companions–DINO, a young man tortured by the secrets of his past, her irascible cat SIMON, and an invisible guardian called SITHRAH–push ever onward, encountering unexpected allies on a farm, and discovering an old piece of machinery that will forever change the course of their lives!


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