How I Make Comics & Self-Publish

In 2009 I started writing articles, tutorials and even a podcast about making comics on my website These resources were all about what I was learning while self-publishing reMIND. Since then the articles have gone viral and have helped numerous comic creators face their fears in the little known world of comic self-publishing. (I'm slowly transitioning that information over to this site!)

Since then I have written a guide-book-of-sorts for anyone trying to break into the world of comic self-publishing. It's called: Unnatural Talent which is available in softcover, Kindle and as an audio book for your listening pleasure! I understand a lot of creatives are often on-the-go.

Unnatural Talent

Creating, Printing and Selling Your Comic in the Digital Age

by Jason Brubaker

The journey from being a “no name” artist to finding your voice in the world of comics has always been a mystery—especially in the Internet age. While the publishing industry struggles to adapt to the rapidly changing digital (online) world, independent artists now have the ability to build a successful and lucrative brand completely on their own with a little hard work and some Internet savvy. Now there’s nothing stopping you, an artist, from getting your book or webcomic in front of thousands or even millions of people. Suddenly you can’t blame anyone for not giving you a chance. You can only blame yourself for not trying. Now's the time to roll up your sleeves, sharpen your pencils and fire up your Internet because, together, we're about to make and sell comics! **Jason Brubaker’s graphic novel reMIND raised over $175,000 in pre-order sales on Kickstarter, won the Xeric Award and made ALA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens List. This book is a collection of his thoughts, strategies and practical lessons developed during his experience writing, drawing and self-publishing reMIND -- his first widespread comic since going indie!

Jason Brubaker is one of the most focused, honest and productive artists I’ve ever worked with. He cares deeply about helping people reach their full creative potential.

Here is the first chapter of Unnatural Talent (the audio book) for your listening pleasure!